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Adding Discount Codes


It is possible to add discount codes and apply them to events, club memberships, coaching courses and/or merchandise.  A discount code can either be specified as a % of the price or as an absolute monetary figure.

Each discount code is given a unique code that users enter at checkout to auto calculate the new amount for any qualifying discounts.  Discounts can be given a max usage limit and an expiry date.

Step 1: Using the left menu, click “Discount Codes”

From Here, click “Add New Code” to add a new code of “View Codes” to view all current (and historic) discount codes

Step 2: Enter the details of your new code

Enter the details of your code:

  • Code: Give this discount a snappy code (which users will use at checkout) i.e. SPRING10
  • Description: Provide a brief description so you can easily identify what this codes offers (for admin use only)
  • Discount Type: Choose either absolute i.e. £5 off or percentile i.e. 10% off
  • Discount: The actual discount that this code will reduce the race price by. Either a price or a percentage (depending on discount type)
  • Date To/From: The date range the code can be used
  • Races/Memberships/Clubs: Tick which of these the discount code can be used againt

Pro Tip: If you have created a race series, and would like the discount to apply to the series, ensure this box is ticked.  If left unticked, the discount code will not further reduce the price of the series

Step 3: Save The discount code

When done, be sure to click the “Save Changes” button.

Pro Tip: You can offer a 100% FREE discount code.  To enable this, simple choose a discount type of “Perncetile” and enter 100.00 in the “Discount” box.

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