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Manually adding participants to a race


From time to time, you may need to manually add one or more participants to your race list.  This maybe because they have paid outside of the system i.e. by cheque or you want to import a list of participants from another entry system.

eventrac makes this very easy and caters for the 2 scenarios above.

Step 1: Navigate to the race you wish to add participants into

Navigate to the race you wish to add participants for, and then click “Entrants”  You will then be present with a list of participants to date.

Step 2: Add Entries

Click the “Add Entrants” in the top right and select which method you would like to use:

  1. Manually add entry – best for entering one off entries
  2. Import entry list – best for importing a list of participants from other entry systems

Manually add entry

When presented with the entry form, simply complete the details of the participant you are entering.

*NOTE: The participant will be sent a confirmation email upon saving their entry

Import entry List

If you wish to upload a excel/csv file of participants from another entry system, simply select the vendor from the drop down list and upload the file.  The system will then process the entries and add them to your participant list

*NOTE: If your entry list does not contain a unique ID for each participant, you should NOT import the same list more than once.  This will result in duplicates.  If you need help with this process, we suggest you contact

*NOTE: If the format of the upload is not compatible, the system will be unable to reliably import the participant list.  We suggest you contact for further assistance if this happens.


You can identify manually added entries by looking for the icon, or viewing the entry (which will clearly identify this as a manual entrant)


Connecting A Payment Account


In order to accept online payment for your events, one of the first things you will want to do is connect a payment account.  This will connect eventrac with your payment account to ensure you are paid as soon as people enter your event (you can configure your payout frequency to either every day, 7 days, monthly or on a schedule that suits you).

Step 1: Click “Resolve” on the warning box indicating no payment account is connected

Step 2: Click “Connect with stripe”

Stripe is what we use to collect payments from your participants and deposite the money into your bank account.  It is highly secure and offers instant payments to your account as soon as someone enters your event, enrols on your course or purchases merchandise.  There are no extra fees to use Stripe.

This will redirect you to the Stripe pages where you will need to create a new Stripe account (free and takes < 2 minutes).

Step 3: Compete the form and click “Authorize access to this account”

Upon completing the form, you will be re-directed back to eventrac and the payment account will now be linked

Adding a Course Map To Races


Participants often want to see a route map of the event they are about to enter.  This can prove to be a great way to get them engaed.  Eventrac makes it easy to upload route maps for one or more components of your race. (A race is always made up of 1 or more component i.e. a running event has 1 component: the run.  A triathlon has 5 components: Swim, T1, Bike, T2, Run).

You can add a course map to a component using 2 methods:

  1. Upload a GPX or TCX file of the route (prefered).  If you have run the route yourself and have a GPS trace of the route, or have these files available, you can upload them directly to eventrac
  2. Plot the route by hand using our point and click function

Step 1: Navigate to the race you wish to add the route map for

Navigate to the race you wish to add the route map for, and then click components.  You will the be present with a list of components.  To edit the map, simply click on the word “edit course map”.

*Note: If wish to edit the displayed distance, simple click “edit” to the right of the “Share code” button for the component

Step 2: Plot or Upload a course map

After choosing to edit a course map, you will be presented with our mapping facility.

Manually Plotting

If you wish to plot the course manually, you can simply begin clicking which will start the course plotting process.  As you click, the route will build.  Keep plotting points until you have mapped the route.  When finished, click save (item 2) in the top right hand corner

Uploading a File

If you wish to upload a file of your route, simple click “Upload route” (item 1) in the top right.  When promted, choose your file and upload it.  If the small pop-up window does not close, you can simply click “close”.  When finished, you must click “save” (item 2) in the top right hand corner.

*NOTE: If you cannot see the word “Save” in the top right, you may need to collapse the left menu (Click the 3 bars in the top left of the screen next to the “eventrac admin” title

*NOTE: If uploading a route, you should wait for the elevation profile to finish building BEFORE clicking the save (item 2) button


Upon clicking “Save”, your course map will be saved.

*Note: You should ensure it is being displayed by seeing a “tick” icon for “Showing map” for the component

The map is now visible on your race page.  You can share this on your own website by clicking the “Share code” button and copy/pasting the iframe code that is generated for you.

If you have an event with multiple races, you will need to repeate this process for any other races that you wish to show a course map.

Copying a race


Its very common for a Event to have multiple Races with similar details, or a Race which reoccurs every year.   In this scenario, to help save time, eventrac allows organiser to “copy” a race i.e. copy a 2016 race to a date in 2017.  This greatly reduces the admin time involved in adding race details.

Step 1: Navigate to the race you wish to copy

Navigate to the dashboard of the race you wish to copy.

Hint: First navigate to the dashboard of parent event, and then the race dashboard

  • If the race you wish to copy is in the past, this may be found under the “Archived Races” tab when viewing the parent event.
  • If the race you wish to copy is in the future, this maybe found under the “Future Races” tab when viewing the parent event

Step 2: Click Copy

Click the “copy” button.  This will take you to a pre-populated form with the details of the race you wish to copy.  You should take care to ensure all details are correct (date, closing date).

Step 3: Save The Race

After saving the race, ensure all traffic light indicators are green (maps, pricing, entry form) before “activating” the race.  Upon activing the race, it is now live and open for entries.

You can copy a race as many times as you wish

Relaxing postcode validation in stripe


By default, stripe deaults to enforcing address validation when processing card payments.  In some cases, this can result in a user unable to complete payment.  This is usually due to the fact the address the bank hols is different to that of what the user is entering (they may have recently moved house and the bank has not yet updated their system).

Turning off the validation rule:

Stripe uses a feature called “radar” to help prevent fraudulent payments.  If you wish to turn off a radar rule, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Login to stripe

Step 2: Click “Radar” from the menu bar

Step 3: Click manage rules

Step 4: Disable the rule

  1. Click the 3 dots to the right of the rule
  2. Click Disable/Enable to turn the rule off/on



Adding Discount Codes


It is possible to add discount codes and apply them to events, club memberships, coaching courses and/or merchandise.  A discount code can either be specified as a % of the price or as an absolute monetary figure.

Each discount code is given a unique code that users enter at checkout to auto calculate the new amount for any qualifying discounts.  Discounts can be given a max usage limit and an expiry date.

Step 1: Using the left menu, click “Discount Codes”

From Here, click “Add New Code” to add a new code of “View Codes” to view all current (and historic) discount codes

Step 2: Enter the details of your new code

Enter the details of your code:

  • Code: Give this discount a snappy code (which users will use at checkout) i.e. SPRING10
  • Description: Provide a brief description so you can easily identify what this codes offers (for admin use only)
  • Discount Type: Choose either absolute i.e. £5 off or percentile i.e. 10% off
  • Discount: The actual discount that this code will reduce the race price by. Either a price or a percentage (depending on discount type)
  • Date To/From: The date range the code can be used
  • Races/Memberships/Clubs: Tick which of these the discount code can be used againt

Pro Tip: If you have created a race series, and would like the discount to apply to the series, ensure this box is ticked.  If left unticked, the discount code will not further reduce the price of the series

Step 3: Save The discount code

When done, be sure to click the “Save Changes” button.

Pro Tip: You can offer a 100% FREE discount code.  To enable this, simple choose a discount type of “Perncetile” and enter 100.00 in the “Discount” box.